Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hot and Cold

When it's really too hot (about 30 ºC and high humidity), I remain still, looking around and I have the feeling that everything is moving: houses, trees, benches... they move slowly. Boundaries are not fixed, but hazy

I wonder if everything is moving, although I'm still, may I also slowly going somewhere?

In Barcelona is summer now and I dream and read  northern stories. Stories from the Greenland Eskimo. They live in a hard and cold land most of the time. How are their stories? 

I read this: 

What is the Earth? 
Three friends were curious about the size and shape of the earth. They were so curious that they decided to go exploring. They had travelled for three days and two nights when they came to an enormous ice-house. "Let's go in", one of the friends said. And so they went into the house, which seemed to be without end. They followed the walls in order not to get lost. Where was the passage through which they'd entered? They walked for days, for months, for years. At last they grew very weary. It was all they could do to crawl now. Then two of the friends managed to find the exit-passage. His kayak was exactly where he'd left it. He came back to his people as a very old man. And he told them, "The earth is simply a very big ice-house". Then he died too.
Northern Tales. Tradicional Stories of Eskimo and Indian Peoples.
Selected and Edited by Howard Norman

No matter  whether you are still sweating with heat or crawling through the ice in the center of the Earth, you are always wondering, questioning things, forgetting that your time is limited. Life is short. Enjoy! I must go out to drink a nice horchata (Do you know what's that? Click here)

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