Monday, 13 May 2013

Street art

I like people who use art to express themselves. It's because of that I like street art in general. Many graffitis are authentic masterpieces. After Jean-Michael Basquiat, Keith Haring or more recently Banksy, nobody wonders of seeing their paintings in galleries and museums.

But the natural environment for graffitis are streets, empty urban espaces, run-down houses... and artists are normally anonymous.

Indeed graffitis move in the border line between art and vandalism.

Near our place in Barcelona you can see this huge graffiti. The house is an illegal cultural center created by squatters, but it seems they are proud of themselves. They are not hiding.

I like the idea of breaking our quotidian chains and fly from the balcony of home.

Recently I have seen this movie, highly recomended, Exit through the gift shop

I loved it. At the beginning you think it's a documentary about street art movement, but after a while you realize is also about something else: about an artist, a really peculiar guy, and about the world of art market. It's a real story, although sometimes you think it can not be possible.

It's very funny when you see how the balcony of your neighbour starts flying. You think, maybe mine can also do it...

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